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Tâm sự chuyện dân ngành không về quê ăn Tết và câu hỏi liệu có quyết định thay đổi nghề nghiệp?

Tet – self always contains a special meaning to most Vietnamese people. Those who work far away from home feel that Tet is more important because after a month of “going away” – Tet is an opportunity “to return”. Just looking at a mother’s warm embrace or looking at the gentle smile on her father’s face is enough to see that spring is in full bloom. However, there are still many people who have to regret to miss that opportunity to reunite because they are… Hotelier.


Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

Why don’t you go home during Tet?

When asking this question to hotel service personnel – there will be many different reasons. And involuntarily, after each answer, no one could help but let out an unconscious sigh.

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Becoming a Hotelier – a person in the hotel industry, you accept the fact that you have to work in shifts and even on holidays – Tet holidays. Now people go to sleep – you are still engrossed in carrying the dishes that guests have just finished washing, meticulously wiping each cutlery to prepare for tomorrow’s banquet. People go out on weekends – you are still busy cleaning the room to welcome the new “Gods”. On Tet holiday, people go home with their bags – you are still standing there, behind the familiar front desk, sweaty check-in for a long line of foreign guests on vacation.

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

That is the specific nature of the work of the hotel industry. Like if you want to be a doctor, you must not be afraid of blood, if you love being a criminal police, you must be good at martial arts, or if you like to be an MC, you must be confident in front of the crowd. To choose any job in society, the person doing the job must first meet that necessary condition.

However, sometimes thinking back is also heartbreaking. In the atmosphere of “happy firecrackers here and there, bustling” – the story of not being able to go home to celebrate Tet with family made many hotel staff working away from home feel pity. Because no one wants to be alone when family members gather, laugh and have fun together – enjoy delicious dishes cooked by their mother.

But know how? Well, our community together encourage and confide in each other to hear “the story of people in the industry not going back to their hometown to celebrate Tet”…

Story number 1 – Miss Waitress is determined not to cry on New Year’s Eve

Khanh Huyen is a graduate student majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Including the part-time job while studying at College, the Lam Dong girl’s career age is nearly 2 years.

Huyen is currently a Waitress at the Buffet restaurant of a 5-star hotel in Saigon. Working for a large hotel, it’s during the peak season – so, even during Tet, official employees like Huyen still work shifts throughout Tet. After “21 pots of banh chung” – this year is the first year Huyen does not return to her hometown to celebrate Tet.

“Choosing this industry knew in advance the nature of work on New Year’s holidays, but I was very sad when I called to tell my parents that I did not come back this New Year. Parents are also sad but pretend to be okay “…

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

“No matter how much extra money you get during Tet, it’s not as good as being with your family. But I have already chosen that job, so I have to accept it. On busy days like this, when I go to the supermarket to buy food and see people selling Tet goods, I feel very sorry for…”

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Can’t feel sorry for when in Huyen’s memory, on the occasion of approaching the new year like this, she will happily go to the market with her mother and sisters to buy things. Together with parents, clean up, decorate Tet, wrap cakes. On the 30th night of the New Year’s Eve, when you wait until 12 a.m. to finish the ritual of breaking the ground, you will be given lucky money by your parents. On the morning of the 1st, the whole family went to wish their relatives New Year…

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

As the first year she did not return home to celebrate Tet, Huyen still did not imagine and “didn’t dare to think” what it would be like to spend a Tet away from her family. Because with this young girl – everything is still so new. “Wet feet and dry feet” out of work and into life, Huyen confided that sometimes she felt so lost, she just wanted to go home, sleep in her mother’s arms, want to be a child like before so that she would not have to fight everything on your own…

Although sometimes thinking is so weak, but when listening to the previous colleagues recount that: “On New Year’s Eve, everyone cried because they were homesick.” – Huyen still told herself to be strong – “Will try not to cry”. At the sacred New Year’s Eve, watching the fireworks fill the sky, emotions often overflow into sobs. Well, let’s just let nature speak for itself – let me be myself – little girl!

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

Story number 2 – The receptionist “has a headache” with the question “What is Tet?”

With Hoang Duc – born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, this is the third year to celebrate Tet in Phu Quoc. After finishing high school – Duc started working for a convenience supermarket system for a period of 5 years. Faced with a shock at the age of 25, the urban man decided to go to the island to work since December 2017.

Therefore, Germany is a genuine hotel worker. “When I went to the island to look for a job, I was fortunate to be interviewed for a position as a receptionist at a small resort – the job has nothing to do with what I used to do. The day I started to receive the job, I was a bit overwhelmed because I met all foreign guests while not being good at communicating in English. But I can still do it, I practice listening, speaking and gradually being able to communicate with customers. I came here alone, at first, I still had a close friend, and I went everywhere to relieve my homesickness.”

Regarding the reason for not coming home for 3 consecutive years for Tet, Duc shared: “Actually, from the time I went to work until now, I think Tet is a day to make more money, so I still register to work. But the cost from Phu Quoc to Saigon in peak times is not cheap, if you just send money back to your family, the cost will be less. Although I really want to go back.”

In Germany’s memory, Tet in Saigon is also “quite interesting”. “My house is in District 7 – where there is a large-scale export processing zone in Saigon. The day is usually very crowded because there are many workers. As for the occasion of Tet, the street becomes strangely peaceful, so I like it very much. The road that normally people pass by is now deserted. And near the area where I live, there is also an embankment, many ships dock, they fill up both sides of the road with flowers to sell Tet. On that day, even though I had nothing to do, I also found an excuse to run by just because I wanted to see the Tet flower street. I knew it was only for a few days because they had to clean up before the 30th.”

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

Because he is a boy, plus he has adapted well to the living environment in Phu Quoc, so the story of celebrating Tet away from home alone with Hoang Duc gradually gets used to it. “Remember the first night of the 30th on the island, that day, I worked until 10 o’clock to finish my shift, but on the island it was far from the city, there was no busy-hustle atmosphere for the coming New Year’s Day. The night of the 30th on the island was as calm as a normal day. My plan was to go see the fireworks here to see if it was any different from Saigon, but was forced to clean the room by a friend, and then missed the event in regret. And the second New Year came, on New Year’s Eve, I sat in the lobby – listening to the firecrackers 10km away, my heart was strangely restored …”.

Going to work during Tet, the thing that gives this receptionist a headache is answering questions “What is Tet?” of many foreign guests. Most of the international guests celebrate New Year’s Eve, so “For the Lunar New Year, I have to explain to them that this is a traditional Vietnamese New Year, sometimes I explain too much – they still don’t understand, then I say the same thing as New Year’s Day in China, but they don’t understand. understand.”

Alone to celebrate Tet away from home, so on these days for the past two years, after finishing work, he would go around looking at island life, then find hobbies such as gym, swimming, fishing or shooting. image. The 4-star resort currently working is located in the west of the island, so Hoang Duc is free to capture the beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc. That is also the way to enjoy Tet of the people in the industry…

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

If you were to choose again, would you decide to change careers?

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When I asked this question to the two professional personnel above, the answer the writer received was “No”. Khanh Huyen: “Probably still follow. Because I haven’t found a more suitable job yet.”. Royal virtue: “I regret not knowing about the hospitality industry sooner.” These two answers may not represent the majority voice but what better option do you have than the present?

According to the hotel industry, professional personnel will trade off many things. Not being with family on Tet holiday is a regretful “loss”. But the things Hotelier “gets” from the profession is also extremely valuable that no school or profession can teach you better. Huyen confided that, “From the time I started my career until now, I have grown in thought, learned more things, worked in a 5-star environment, lost my childish – irritable nature. Recognizing the profession that teaches me to become more mature every day”. As for the guy at the front desk in Phu Quoc, “Since coming here to live, I feel so much better, like puberty for the second time. Learn a lot of new things in work – life, doing things you’ve never done before. And the thing that blows my nose the most is that I can hear and speak English, even though it’s not really good, I can do it.”

One thing is for sure, anyone who works in the hotel industry feels that they are more mature over time. Not only about knowledge and professional experience but also living capital. Because the working environment in the hotel is like a miniature society – helping to forge the personality of the worker in a positive direction for the future.

– Meeting crazy customers – the profession teaches you how to be soft and hard at the right time.

– Meeting difficult customers – the profession of teaching you properly is never redundant.

– Meet cute guests – profession gives you many new friends.

It seems that Hotelier is also “good” from the profession…

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

“Because of Tet – don’t leave me alone!”

Going home to celebrate Tet with family is a habit and a “sticky” of many Vietnamese working abroad. Contrary to the majority, if you are an industry person, this New Year is not allowed to gather next to your loved ones – you still know there is something different in your heart; but instead of being sad – why not try to gather a little joy around you?

Enthusiastically join colleagues in Tet celebrations at the hotel. Play folk games. Invite to see the spring flower festival. Cook for each other to enjoy the typical Tet dishes of the country… Who knows, it’s an opportunity to meet and learn so that the Hoteliers are still alone – escaping the FA label pursued for so long. Because of Tet, everyone will be generous and share honestly with anyone. Or you can invite guests to travel alone to discover interesting destinations where the land has been living for a long time – but not much is known yet. “For spring – don’t leave me alone!”

Talk about people in the industry who do not go home to celebrate Tet

“I know now that my mother is waiting for me

But if I go back to my dear friends, I hope

How many boys greet the spring of the battlefield

Shouldn’t I alone be warm

Mom, I’m not at home this spring

I love you, please wait for tomorrow…”

Please borrow the lyrics of the song “I won’t come back this Spring” to temporarily close the article. See you tomorrow – the day when I become a Hotel Manager so that the main road can rest back home to celebrate Tet with the whole family…

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